NGC1000 - galaxy group in Perseus
NGC1000  - galaxy group in Perseus
  • Description: NGC936 - galaxy group in Perseus. An interesting group of galaxies which were brought to my attention by the late Fr. Lucian Kemble. The grouping forms a backwards letter "C" in a medium field eyepiece at the telescope. Below you will find a finder chart of the field. This image is a digital stack of two exposures, brought on by a false comet alert. Oops... It would appear that Jupiter can cause false images if its light is allowed to bounce around the optics of a telescope!
  • Camera: Olympus OM1
  • Film: hypered Kodak Tech Pan
  • Scope: 8" f6 Newtonian
  • Mount: Modified Meade DS-16 mount
  • Guiding: Manual
  • Exposure: 60 and 45 minutes
  • Location: Wilson Coulee Observatory, AB.
  • Date: 26 and 27th September, 1998

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