CCD with my ST7E and Nikkor Lenses
North American Nebula NGC7000 North American Nebula
NGC7000 taken under new moon and with 50mm Nikkor and ST7E w 13nm H-Alpha. North American Nebula (NGC7000):  105mm Nikkor at f/4.0, ST7, CFW8, Mandel WFA and Schuler HA filter NGC7000 and IC5070 aka The North American and Pelican Nebulae. 15 x 10min 13nm H-Alpha, 180mm F2.8 Nikkor Lens at F4.0
Eastern Veil Witch's Broom thumbnail Veil widefield thumbnail
Eastern Veil Nebula
15 x 15min 13nm H-Alpha, 180mm Nikkor lens
The Witch's Broom in The Veil Nebula
12 x 15 min 13nm H-Alpha, 180mm Nikkor Lens
Widefield of the Veil Nebula. Aug 14/15 2004.  50mm lens at f2.0. 60 x 2 minutes. Unguided. ST-7E, CFW-8, 13nm H-Alpha filter.
Rosette thumbnail IC1396 thumbnail Butterfly thumbnail
This is an H-Alpha shot of The Rosette Nebula taken with an ST-7E and 13nm Schuler filter. Nikkor 180mm ED lens at f 2.8, 17 x 10 minutes. IC1396 - The Elephant Trunk Nebula
9x5min under full moon. July 2, 2004
Butterfly Nebula (IC1318): 180mm Nikkor at f/4.0, ST7, CFW8, Mandel WFA and Schuler HA filter. Four Hours of data!
California thumbnail Valentinethumbnail The Double Cluster
California Nebula taken August 21/22 2004 with 105mm Nikkor and ST-7E. 30x2min unguided through 13nm Schuler H-Alpha filter. IC1848 and IC1805 (TheValentine) Nebulae. 50mm Nikkor at f2.0 40 x 3min subexposures through 13nm Schuler H-Alpha filter. The Double Cluster - H & Chi Persei. RGB of 2x5min per channel at f5.6 using an SBIG ST-7E, CFW8 and Nikkor 400mm f3.5 lens. String used to create diffraction spikes.
Cone thumbnail M101 thumbnail M101 thumbnail
Very widefield view of the Cone Nebula region. ST-7E with 50mm Nikkor at f2.8. 13nm Schuler HA filter. 8x30min self-guided. M101 RGB. Taken through my 400mm f3.5 Nikkor lens at f5.6. ST-7E w CFW8. Total exposure of 2.5 hours. M81 and M82 RGB with Nikkor 180mm ED and ST7E