CCD Photography with my Various scopes and cameras:
AP155 / Moravian G4 Images 12.5" Planewave CDK / Apogee U16M DSLR Wide Field Photography
AP155EDF w Moravian G4 or Apogee U16M
12.5" Planewave CDK w
Apogee U16M CCD
DSLR Photography
CCD Photos w STL11000 and AP155 Trius SX814 & AP155 North Am. Nebula U16M FSQ
AP155 w STL11000 AP155 w Trius SX814
Takahashi FSQ w
Apogee U16M
AP155 Images Video Astronomy - PGR Chameleon FSQ / STL11000 Images
AP155EDF w ST10XME Camera: Point Grey Research Chameleon Takahashi FSQ w STL11000
Film PhotographyGSO RC w STL11000FSQ Images
Film-based Astrophotography
8" GSO R-C: 3 imagesTakahashi FSQ w ST10XME