CCD with my ST7E and Vixen R200SS
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Horsehead Nebula or IC434 in Orion. Vixen R200SS, SBIG ST-7E, CFW8 with Schuler 13nm H-Alpha filter.
The Cocoon Nebula in H-Alpha. IC5146. Vixen R200SS, SBIG ST-7E, CFW8 with Schuler 13nm H-Alpha filter. 4 x 30 minutes self-guided.
NGC6888. 6 x 30min; ST-7E, CFW-8, 13nm H-Alpha, self-guided. October 2nd, 2004.
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Pickering's Triangle in The Veil Nebula. 60x1min; ST-7E, CFW-8, 13nm H-Alpha, unguided. August 6/7 2004. M17 (The Swan, or Omega Nebula). A mere 7x1min exposure through Schuler 13nm H-Alpha filter.
M16 - The Eagle Nebula - 69 x 1min 13nm Schuler H-Alpha shot with ST-7E unguided on a G-11. July 10/11 2004.
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My first decent galaxy shot. Just over 2 hours of luminance through a Vixen R200SSDG (8" f/4 Newtonian) and ST-7E ccd camera. M3 Luminance. Two hours at f/4 with 1st Quarter moon in the sky. M13 in Hercules taken as a Luminance only. Sept 18, 2004
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NGC7538 in H-Alpha. Vixen R200SS and SBIG ST-7E, CFW8 with Schuler 13nm H-Alpha filter. 14 x 10 minutes self-guided.
Foxfur Nebula - 7x15min - ST7E/CFW8 - Schuler 13nm H-Alpha filter. IC405 - The Flaming Star Nebula - found in Auriga. This is a 6 x 20min (2 hours) picture in H-Alpha using a 13nm Schuler HA filter and SBIG ST-7E and Vixen R200SS f/4 Newtonian
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M64 - The Black-Eye Galaxy in Coma Berenices. 29x5min luminance with ST-7E and 8" f/4 Newtonian M51 - The Whirlpool. Light winds, temps just above 0C. ST-7E/CFW8 Vixen R200SSDG.
20 x 10 minutes self-guided.