IC5070 - The Pelican Nebula HaRGB

The Pelican in HA

The Pelican Nebula in Cygnus  
Scope: 12.5" Planewave CDK
Camera: Apogee U16M w Astrodon Gen II H-Alpha, RGB filters
Mount: Paramount ME (MKS5000)
7/8/5 x 10 min for RGB
35 x 20 min H-Alpha
Acquired with TSX and CCD-Commander
RGB and H-Alpha processed in PixInsight
H-Alpha / RGB combine in PS CC 2019

Notes re processing: The Pure RGB from PixInsight (Photometric Colour Calibrated) was split into R, G and B in Photoshop. The H-Alpha was blended into the R and B channels at 80% and 15% respectively using Lighten blend mode. Then the RGB was recombined. Subsequent to that, the H-Alpha was added as a Luminance layer to bolster the overall image. This was blended at 20% to avoid a major colour shift. A subsequent curves layer was used to boost contrast.  Below is the 12 hour H-Alpha channel alone for comparison:

Pelican in H-Alpha

Lucknow, Ontario
Oct 2019