Sh2-115 in H-Alpha + RGB

Sh2-115 HaRGB

Sh2-115 aka Sharpless 115 is in Cygnus

NOTE: The 3x20min H-Alpha is nice even for only an hour. It is here: Sh2-115_in_H-Alpha

Scope: Planewave 12.5" CDK
Camera: Apogee U16M w Astrodon GenII H-Alpha filter
Mount: Paramount ME guided w Astrodon MMOAG and SBIG ST-402ME
RGB each 5x10min, H-Alpha a mere 3x20min
Acquired with TheSkyX, Focusmax4 and CCD-Commander
Darks, Flats, Alignment and Sigma Reject combine in Maxim
Further processing in PixInsight with final tweak and save for web in PS CC

Lucknow, Ontario
May 2016