The Bubble Nebula, NGC7538 and Sh2-161 - RGB+Narrowband

The Bubble, Sh2-161, ngc7538


Scope: AP155EDF w4" FF and FT focuser and Focus Boss II electronic focusing
Mount: Paramount MX
Camera: Moravian G4 (16803) w full set of Gen II Astrodons
Guiding: ST402ME and Borg 60mm achromat riding piggyback
RGB exposures: 10/12/8 x 10 min
H-Alpha / OIII : 50 / 9 x 20 min
Lucknow, Ontario, Canada
Sept, 2021
Image capture with CCD-Commander and TheSkyX
Image reduction and initial processing in PixInsight and finishing touches in Photoshop CC 2020