Sh2-177 HaRGB - Emission Nebula in Cassiopeia

Sharpless 177 Sh2-177

Sharpless 177

Here is the H-Alpha channel only:

Sh2-177 in H-Alpha

According to "Sharpless and Avedisova both conclude that Sh 2-177 is ionised by the O9 V star BD +61 105. Russeil combines Sh 2-172, Sh 2-173 and Sh 2-177 into one star formation region. All three nebulae lie in the direction of the expanding shell of gas and dust surrounding the Cas OB5 association.

My friend Dean Salman has more info and a photo here:
Camera: Apogee U16M (16803 chip) w Astrodon Gen II HaRGB filters
Scope: Planewave 12.5" CDK
Mount: Paramount ME
109 x 20 min H-Alpha; 16/13/11 x 10 min each RGB
Acquired with TheSkyX and CCD-Commander
Calibration and RGB combine in PixInsight
Subsequent processing in Photoshop

Lucknow, Ontario
Aug-Sept 2021