The Veil Nebula - Enhanced RGB and Narrowband - 2 Frame Mosaic


The Veil Nebula in Cygnus - Featuring The Witch's Broom and Pickering's Triangle

Here is the pure RGB that was over-laid on the NB image:

The Veil 2-frame mosaic in RGB : Pickering & Witch


The diffuse nebula NGC 6960 marks the western half of a faint nebula, which is sometimes called Wreath, sometimes Loop or Network. Best known under the name Veil Nebula. More than 50,000 years ago a supernova exploded south of epsilon Cyg, close to the southern border of Cygnus. Nowadays the afterglowing gas forms this large nebula which shows a circular shape. The eastern and brighter part of this nebula got its own NGC number: NGC 6992. It is a challenge for binoculars. You need best conditions to observe it. Using a wide-angle telescope at low power will show NGC 6992.Despite its overall brightness of about mag 5, this object is only visible to the naked eye under exceptionally good viewing conditions, because its light is distributed over the object's large size.

Technical Details:
Scope: AP155EDF w 4" Field Flattener and Focus Boss II motorized focuser
Camera: Moravian G4 (16803) w full set of Gen II Astrodon filters
Mount: Paramount MX guided w Borg 60mm achromat and SBIG ST402ME riding piggyback
9 x 10 min RGB for each side of the mosaic
14 x 20 min for the SII, H-Alpha and OIII for each side of the mosaic
Lucknow, Ontario, Canada
July / August 2020
Images acqired w CCD-Commander and TheSkyX
Image reduction and mosaic assembly in PixInsight
Additional tweaks in Photoshop CC 2020