Daytime Photography

Hay Bales in Fall - Grey Country
Tunnel of colour

Hay Bales in Fall - Grey County Fall 2009
Grey County Fall 2009

rainbow Canada Day Rainbow
Credit River at Terra Cotta
Rainbow June 30 2007 - Owen Sound
Canada Day 2009 Rainbow
Credit River in Terra Cotta
Crescent Moon Sundog_07 Sundog
Early morning crescent moon Jan 2006
Morning Sundog Feb 2006
Morning Sundog closeup Feb 2006
Pillars of Light
These pillars of light appear above street and yard lights when it is very very cold and the air is still. Was -24C this morning. These are from neighbours' lights down my street.
This sundog was an outstanding example. There were squalls blowing through and the ice crystals kept forming these amazing sundogs. Taken zoomed in with the 18-70mm lens.
The same sundog zoomed out to 18mm. Both taken enroute to work on the morning of Jan 18th 2005. Temp was -24C.
SunHalo_May242003_thumb.jpg Sun Dog Solar Halo
I just happened to look up at the right moment - sun almost directly overhead and lo! Camera always at the ready - this is the best on an aging roll of Kodak Max400 (not a personal fav film). I carry my camera everywhere and all winter watch for Sun Dogs - this is a pretty good one from March 2003. Minolta X-700, Fuji Superia 400 over-exposed 2 stops to compensate for the Sun. Solar Halo - late afternoon in Spring.  Supra 400 and Minolta X-700 w 24mm lens.
Rainbow Rainbow rainbow
Fall has arrived and with it some wild weather. This taken from my yard Oct 16, 2004.
Here one can see more clearly the secondary bow to the right of the primary. My front yard again.
My lens couldn't take it all in but the entire bow arched from horizon to horizon over my house!
rainbow rainbow rainbow
Another shot with the secondary bow visible.
Starting to fade but still pretty.
Close-up of the base of the fading rainbow.

One more rainbow Fall colours Horses Plowing
A hint of rainbow but a nice composition.
Fall colours and the beautiful Niagara Escarpment - a UN recognized biosphere.
A mennonite plowing his fields in a light rain. Five Belgians pulling the plow.

 Sun in Trees with Frost Our backyard  
Sunlight taken with frost covered tree in foreground. Dec 27, 2004. This is the view out my back yard. Very nice vista. Taken Oct 9th 2004.


Hogg's Falls Flesherton
Hogg's Falls
Hogg's Falls - Single Frame
Hogg's Falls - following day - Combination of 3 Frames
Inglis Falls. A shot from late summer but a nice waterfall on the Niagara Escarpment just outside Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.