Comet C/2020 F3 NeoWise

Comet NeoWise with Noctilucent Clouds, taken from a field near Keoma AB Canada

2020-07-11, Canon 6D Unmodified, f/4, 105mm, 60sec at ISO-800, using an old Vixen GP mount as a camera tracker.

Canon 6D, ISO-800, 105mm f/4, 22s

Comet NeoWise

2020-07-11, Canon 6D Unmodified, f/4 at 105mm, 120sec at ISO-800

Comet as seen on Camera’s preview. This gives an idea of what one is working with in the field. I had oriented the camera for the best possible capture of the comet’s tail, not the horizon.

Apple iPhone, 2020-07-20

Comet as seen on Computer Preview when trying to capture it with an astronomical video camera. So over a week after the above images taken near Keoma AB, I went out to a dark field near Cluny AB and tried again. Here I tried using my QHY5III290C colour guider/planet video camera with the Vixen ED-81 telescope to try and capture the core of the comet. It was a neat experiment, but didn’t look anywhere as nice to me as the full frame Canon 6D images

Apple iPhone, 2020-07-20

Here is the same comet on the same night with the same telescope, this time taken with my Canon 6D (unmodified). Vixen ED-81S (625mm, f/8), ISO-1600, and 120s exposure. My processing skills then were non-existent, so this is a pretty raw image.