NGC 1232 – Spiral Galaxy in Eridanus

  • Description: - 9.8th magnitude Spiral Galaxy in Eridanus about 70million light years away. North is Left. Tiny one just below it is NGC 1232A, a 15th magnitude spiral at 303million light years away. The flare on the left is most likely 7th magnitude double star HS19814 but I’d like to think it is an undiscovered comet tail. Just above that is 17th magnitude galaxy PGC 845359 and a bit further above is faint fuzzy 16th magnitude sprial PGC 135009 The faint fuzzy at 3o’clock just past halfway to the right and tucked beside a star is 16th magnitude spiral galaxy PGC 135010. There are even more galaxies in this image, but I indicated the brightest ones.

  • Camera: SBIG STT-8300M @ -35C Sensor Temperature

  • Filter: Baader Luminance

  • Scope: Astro-Physics AP130EDT, 1085mm at f/8.35

  • Guiding: SBIG FW8G

  • Exposure: 10 x 10 minutes

  • Location: near Cayley, Alberta under Bortle 4 skies

  • Date: 2022-10-01

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