NGC457 – Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

  • Description: - Open Cluster of roughly 60 stars in Cassiopeia. Also known as "The Owl Cluster" and "The Dragonfly Cluster" as it looks like a pair of bright eyes and a short wing span. Apparent brightness of 6.4 magnitude and 13 arc minutes in size. Estimated to be 7.9kly (2.4 kpc) away.

  • Camera: SBIG STT-8300M @ -35C Sensor Temperature

  • Filter: Baader RGB

  • Scope: Astro-Physics 130EDT w 67PF582 yielding 1085mm focal length at f/8.35

  • Guiding: SBIG FW8G w APCC/APPM

  • Exposure: 15 x 2 minutes each colour for 90 minutes total exposure time.

  • Location: RASC Calgary's WCO, Alberta, under bright moonlit (88% full) skies.

  • Date: 2023-12-23, at -20C and 99%Rh condensing

  • Processed in PixInsight with RCAstro tools, SPCC and GraXPert.

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