NGC6888 – Crescent Nebula

  • Description: - An emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus. It is formed by the fast stellar wind of Wolf-Rayet star WR 136 running into the gas ejected earlier when it became a red giant star earlier.

  • A.K.A. - Van Gogh’s Ear, Caldwell 27

  • Camera: SBIG STT-8300M at -35C sensor temperature

  • Filter: Baader RGB

  • Scope: Astro-Physics 130EDT, 1085mm at f/8.35

  • Guiding: SBIG FW8G

  • Exposure: 8 x 10 minutes each for Red, Green and Blue

  • Location: A field near Cluny AB Canada, under Bortle 4.5 sky

  • Date: 2021-8-30

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