NGC 6946 Fireworks Galaxy and NGC 6939 – Face On Spiral Galaxy and an Open Cluster in Cepheus

  • Description: - A small dim galaxy seen through part of the Milky Way in Cepheus, along with an open cluster that is inside the Milky Way. These two are high in the sky from Southern Alberta. NGC 6946 is nearby but not part of our Local Group of Galaxies. It also frequently shows supernovae, giving it its distinctive name. This image shows two unfortunate light flares in my camera from relatively bright stars just outside of the fields, one on the Left and a fainter one lower on the Right

  • Telescope: Astro-Physics AP92 telescope w 92FF giving 644mm focal length at f/7.

  • Camera: SBIG STT-8300M @ -35C Sensor Temperature

  • Exposure: 7 each Red, Green and Blue sub exposures of 10 min each for 210 minutes total through Baader RGB filters

  • Date: 2023-09-21 at 9C and 62%RH.

  • Location: a location near Cluny, Alberta under Bortle 4 skies

  • Processed in PixInsight with SPCC colour calibration, NoiseXT and BlurXT, then finished in Adobe Photoshop.

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