NGC 7789 Caroline's Rose – Bright Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

  • Description: - A large bright open cluster in Cassieopia.More sub exposures were planned but the software was interrupted in the middle of the acquisition sequence so only a few exposures were obtained.

  • Telescope: Astro-Physics AP92 telescope w 92FF giving 644mm focal length at f/7.

  • Camera: SBIG STT-8300M @ -35C Sensor Temperature

  • Exposure: 4 Red, 4 Green and 3 Blue sub exposures of 7.5 min each for 83 minutes total through Baader RGB filters

  • Date: 2023-09-15 at 7C and 56%RH.

  • Location: RASC Calgary's Wilson Coulee Obaervatory field, Alberta under Bortle 5 skies

  • Processed in PixInsight with NoiseXT and BlurXT, then finished in Adobe Photoshop.

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