Messier 35 – Open Cluster in Gemini, with NGC 2158 in the SW corner.

  • Description: - AKA NGC 2168 is a large young open cluster about 2750 light years away and 175M years old, with older NGC 2158 SW of it and about 9000 light years further away and about 9B years old.

  • Camera: SBIG STT-8300M -35C sensor temperature

  • Filter: Baader LRGB

  • Scope: Astro-Physics 130EDT, 1085mm at f/8.35

  • Guiding: SBIG FW8G

  • Exposure: 8 each Red Green and Blue at 300s per sub exposure

  • Location: RASC Calgary’s WCO site under Bortle 6 skies (19.55 MPSAS), -11C ambient temperature.

  • Exposure Date: 2023-03-19

  • Processed in PixInsight with SPCC colour correction, NoiseXterminator, a little bit of BlurXterminator and then finished in Photoshop

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