Astrophotography by John Mirtle

A good night about to begin!

Southern horizon from my imaging location near Cayley, Alberta, overlooking the Porcupine Hills.

Thanks for visiting my web page! I have a Facebook page for family events and personal things, this web site is geared towards my astrophotography interests. You will find a number of image galleries and some details on the equipment I use, but articles I used to post on "how to" I have removed, as there are so many better and up-to-date ones on the Internet. You will find here many images spanning about 38 years or so using a fair number of different technologies. Hopefully you will find something you like! I haven't posted much over the last couple of years but be assured that new images and content are coming!

Thanks again for stopping by! Feel free to poke around for a while. I am in the process of rebuilding this site with bigger graphics, it will be a while before it is completed or properly sorted. Plus, I am always adding new images. Sometimes this can take a while as we seem to swing from a frozen wasteland to the land of the midnight sun! There is a brief window between these extremes that allows me to get out and shoot new pictures.

Latest images The latest half-dozen or so images to roll off the press...
Comet Images There have been a few over the years, most weren't that big or bright.
Solar System Images Astrophotos ranging from aurora to planetary conjunctions and eclipses.
Nebula images Images of nebula on film and CCD.
Galaxy Images A mixture of both CCD and film based images of galaxies.
Clusters Open and globular clusters, big and small.
Odds 'n' Sods Astrophotos that don't really fit into a pidgeon-hole!
The Messier List All 110 of them! A work in progress, older shots will be cycled out as they are updated.
The 110 Finest NGC list The RASC110 Finest NGC list compiled by Alan Dyer.
Equipment The hardware used to produce these images.
Imaging History Under Construction - A look back at the technology changes and my imaging history over the years.
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