Southern Cross and Large Magellanic Cloud
Southern Cross and LMC
  • Description: The Southern Cross, the Coalsack and the Large Magellanic Cloud. This photo, taken with just a camera and tripod does not do this part of the sky justice. Naked eye it is awesome, incredible with just a small telescope! So much to see from a dark sky such as what we had in Prince Albert. The pink smudge just above centre of the image is the Eta Carina nebula. Unfortunately, my camera does not record red well. This nebula is massive and great fun to follow visually with a small telescope.
  • Camera: Canon XTi DSLR
  • Filters: none
  • Lens: 15-85mm f3.5 at 15mm f3.5
  • Mount: Camera tripod
  • Exposure: 4 x 30 seconds using in-camera noise reduction at 1600ASA.
  • Location: Prince Albert, South Africa, 33 degrees south.
  • Date: March 19, 2012
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