IC1848 - Emission Nebula in Cassiopeia
Emission Nebula in Cassiopeia
  • Description: Index Catalogue entry 1848 is a rather large but faint nebula in Cassiopeia. Also known as LBN667, The Baby Nebula or the Soul Nebula, it is located next door to the Heart Nebula, IC1805. This shot is my first bi-colour shot taken from within the city limits, using narrow band filters to get around light pollution. However, it requires long exposures!

  • Camera: SBIG ST-10XME at -15C
  • Filters: Baader 3.5nm H-alpha filter, Baader 8.5nm Oxygen III
  • Scope: Redcat 51 refractor at f4.9
  • Exposure: 18 x 10 minutes - 3 hours for Ha, 12 x 10 minutes for OIII or 2 hours.
  • Mount: SkyWatcher EQM-35 Pro
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Date: August 29th, 2022
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