Kemble 2 in Draco
Kemble 2 in Draco
  • Description: This is a bright asterism of stars that resembles a small version of the constellation of Cassiopeia. This is a group of mag 7-9 stars covering 20 arc minutes. The name Kemble 2 appears in the 2nd edition of Uranometria and Megastar v5, honoring the late Fr. Lucian Kemble (1922 - 1999), a well known Canadian amateur astronomer and Franciscan friar. He had written about the asterism in an article he never published. He is also attached to the well known Kemble's Cascade in Camelopardalis. My thanks to Sue French for this information, taken from her excellent book - Celestial Sampler by Sky Publishing.

  • Location: R.A. = 18h 35.0m, +72 deg 23m.
  • Camera: SBIG ST-10XME at -15C
  • Filters: AstroDon RGB set.
  • Scope: Takahashi FSQ refractor
  • Exposure: 10x1min red, 10x1min green, 10x1min blue.
  • Location: Mt. Kobau, B.C.
  • Date: Aug 11th, 2010
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