Globular Cluster Messier 22 and Jupiter
Globular Cluster Messier 22 and Jupiter
  • Description: Globular cluster M22 in Sagittarius and Jupiter. The two "stars" clumped together below Jupiter are Callisto (closest) and Ganymede. Io is behind Jupiter and Europa is very close to Jupiter and hidden by the diffraction spikes. A shame for us in southern Alberta that M22 isn't higher in the sky as it glows brightly at magnitude 5.2 and is about the size of the moon! Also known as NGC6656 and located in a very rich region of stars in the summer sky.
  • Film: Fuji SG800
  • Scope: 8" f6 Newtonian
  • Exposure: 30 Minutes
  • Guiding: Manual
  • Location: Mt. Kobau, B.C.
  • Date: August 13, 1996
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