Messier 78 and Barnard's Loop
M78 and Barnard's Loop
  • Description: Reflection nebula M78, a busy part of the sky. North is to the left in this image. M78 is the small, bright nebula in the upper right. Also known as NGC2068, M78 shines at magnitude 8.3 and measures 8.4 x 7.8 arc minutes. Barnard's Loop is the large swath of emission nebulosity across the picture. The dark nebula, bottom center, is LDN1662 which is sometimes called the Boogeyman Nebula. The star cluster in the lower right is NGC2112, 50 stars in an area 11 arc minutes across, magnitude 9.1
  • Film: Hypered Kodak Tech Pan
  • Filter: Wratten 92 (dark red)
  • Scope: 8" Schmidt Camera (300mm f1.5)
  • Exposure: 30 Minutes
  • Location: S.W. of High River, Alberta
  • Date: March 18, 1996
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