NGC's 6820/6823 - Nebula and Cluster in Vulpecula
Nebula and Open Cluster in Vulpecula
Nebula and Open Cluster in Vulpecula
  • Description: A shot of nebula NGC6820 and open cluster NGC6823 in Vulpecula. This shot was mostly a test to see how well a 1980's broadband light pollution filter works with modern CCD cameras. Truth be told, not as well as I had hoped! It was shot from the club's observatory which now has a fair amount of light pollution. While the filter DID help with gradients caused by light pollution changing as the target moves across the sky, it ruined colour balance. Contrast gains were not all that much and I ended up replacing the red data with a hydrogen-alpha image you can see above. Still, it was worth checking this old filter out.

  • Camera: SBIG STF-8300M at -15C
  • Filters: Baader 7nm H-alpha filter and Baader RGB
  • Scope: Takahashi FSQ106 refractor
  • Exposure: 3 x 15 minutes for h-alpha, 6 x 10 minutes for blue and green
  • Location: Wilson Coulee Observatory, Alberta
  • Date: October 7th, 2021
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