CCD Photography with my Moravian G4 orApogee U16M camera and
Astro-Physics AP155 EDF Refractor

The Whale & The Hockey StickLBN 415 in LRGBLBN 459 in LRGBM10 RGB AP155
The Whale & The Hockey StickLBN 415 in Draco (LRGB)LBN 459 in Cepheus LRGBM10 in RGB
Sh2-280 HaRGBRosette Nebula in HaRGBLeo TripletM101 LRGB AP155 Moravian G4M97 and M108 LRGB
Sh2-280 HaRGBRosette Nebuaa HaRGBLeo Triplet in LRGBM101 LRGBM97 and M108 LRGB
Barnard 13 and friendsSh2-205 HaRGBHorsehead  Flame in HaRGBHorsehead and Flame in HaRGBM3 RGB AP155
Barnard 13 and friends LRGBSh2-205 in HaRGBHorsehead & Flame HaRGBHH & Flame - Panel 2M3 RGB
B169 in LRGBIC59 and IC63 in HaRGBSh2-136 aka The Ghost in Cepheus - LRGBBarnard 3 / LDN 1473 LRGBngc1342 LBN 718 LBN 719
Barnard 169 in LRGBGamma Cass aka IC59 and IC63 in HaRGBSh2-136 aka The Ghost in Cepheus - LRGBBarnard 3 /
NGC1342 LBN 718 LBN 719
ngc7380 aka The Wizard in SHO+RGBSh2-157 in HaRGBSh2-122 in LRGBCocoon NebulaLBN437 The Gecko in LRGB
ngc7380 or The Wizard Nebula
Sh2-157 aka The Lobster Nebula in HaRGBSh2-122 - Reflection Nebula in Pegasus - LRGBCocoon NebulaLBN 437 aka The Gecko
LDN1188The Lion NebulaSh2-86 NB+RGBSh2-110 HaRGBWR 134 in HOO+RGB
LDN1188 in Cepheus (LRGB)The Lion Nebula Sh2-132Sh2-86 NB+RGBSh2-110 in HaRGBWR 134 in HOO+RGB
LDN 1158 1147M11 in RGBSh2-96 in HaRGBngc7023 aka The Iris NebulaLDN 937
LDN 1158 and 1147M11 - The Wild Duck Sh2-96 in Cygnus HaRGBNGC7023 aka The Iris NebulaLDN 937 in Cygnus
Sh2-223 HaRGBM92 RGBM53 and ngc5053M5 in RGBM106 in LRGB
Sh2-223 in HaRGBM92 in RGBM53 and ngc5053 - Globular Clusters in Coma BerenicesM5 in Serpens RGBM106 in Canes Venatici LRGB
Sh2-261 in HaRGBIC417 in SHO+RGBSh2-224 HaRGBM3 RGBM81 M82 IFN
Sharpless 261 aka Sh2-261
in HaRGB
IC417 aka The Spider & The Fly NebulaeSh2-224 in HaRGBM3 in RGBM81 & M82 showing the Integrated Flux Nebula
LDN 1353 LRGBSh2-216 HaOIII+RGBComet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)Sh2_232_HaRGBSh2-232_HaRGB_LowerContrast
LDN 1353 LRGB CropSh2-216 in Auriga:
H-Alpha + OIII + RGB
Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)Sh2_232 in HaRGBSh2-232 in HaRGB - Lower Contrast version
Sh2 173 in HaRGBLDN1358 LRGBSh2 204 HaRGBLBN728 LRGBLDN 1353 in Cass
Sharpless 173 in HaRGBLDN 1358 in LRGBSh2 204 in HaRGBLBN 728 in LRGBLDN 1353 in LRGB
ngc6914 in HaRGBLDN 1251Sh2 203 HaRGBThe Pelican NebulaLDN 1089 in LRGB
NGC6914 in HaRGBLynd's Dark Nebula 1251 aka The Rotten Fish NebulaSh2-203 in HaRGBThe Pelican Nebula in Narrowband and RGBLynd's Dark Nebula 1089
vdB 14 & 15 LRGBSh2-135 HaRGBLDN 1082 aka Barnard 150LDN 1235 The Shark Nebula in LRGBHarvest Moon 2022
vdB 14 &15 in LRGBSharpless 135 in HaRGBLDN1082 aka Barnard 150 aka TheSeahorse NebulaLDN 1235 aka The Shark NebulaHarvest Moon 2022
ngc7000 HaLRGBThe Butterfly Nebula in HaRGBM16 in Narrowband , RGB and pure H-Alphangc7129_ic5134_LRGBIC1396 SHO+RGB
The Gulf of Mexico in HaLRGBThe Butterfly Nebula in Cygnus - HaRGBM16 aka The Eagle Nebula in Narrowband, RGB and HaNGC7129 / IC5134 LRGBIC1396 aka The Elephant Trunk Nebula in SHO+RGB
Leo Triplet LRGBM13 RGBSh2 112 SHO + RGBM95, M96 and M105IC1396 LHaGB
Leo Triplet in LRGBM13 in RGB unguided imageSh2 112 SHO + RGBThe "Other" Leo Triplet aka M95, M96 and M105IC1396 aka The Elephant Trunk Nebula in L+ HaGB
M33 LRGB AP155Sh2 160 in HaRGBHorsehead & Flame in HaRGBngc4244
Jellyfish NB+RGB
M33 in LRGBSh2 160 in CepheusHorsehead & Flame NebulaeNGC4244 in RGB
The Jellyfish Nebula aka Sh2 443 in Narrowband + RGB
Sh2 177 HaRGBSh2 79 in HaRGBCrescent Nebula + Soap BubbleSh2 161 plus The Bubble Nebula and ngc7538Sh2 187 or LBN630
Sh2 177 in HaRGBSh2 79 in Aquila HaRGBCrescent Nebula + Soap Bubble Nebula RGB+HaOIIISh2 161 plus The Bubble Nebula plus ngc7538Sh2 187 aka LBN630 HaLRGB
The Cave Nebula aka Sh2 155The Tulip Nebula aka Sh2-101 in HaRGBSh2 122 LRGBngc281 aka The Pacman NB+RGBSh2-137 in HaRGB
The Cave Nebula in HaRGBThe Tulip Nebula in HaRGBSh2 122 in LRGBThe Pacman in NB+RGBSharpless 137 in HaRGB
M81_M82_IFNM92 RGBngc5033 and ngc5005The Bat and The Squid NebulaeSh2 115 in HaRGB
M81 and M82 & IFN in LRGBM92 - Globular Cluster in Hercules
NGC5033 and NGC5005 in LRGBThe Bat and The Squid NebulaeSharpless 115 in HaRGB
The following photos are taken with the AP155EDF and my new Moravian G4 (16803 chip) CCD camera
M46, M47, ngc2423 in RGBM3 RGBngc4244 LRGBThe Whale & HockeyStickM63 LRGB AP155 G4
M46, M47 and ngc2423 in RGBM3 in RGBNGC4244 in LRGBNGC4631 and 4656M63 LRGB
M44 in RGBngc1333 LRGBngc1333 after ABEM42 HaRGBM53 + ngc5053 RGB
M44 aka The BeehiveNGC 1333 in PerseusNGC 1333 (alt version)M42 in HaRGBM53 and ngc5053
Sh2 183 in HaRGBIC1848IC1805 aka The Heart NebulaThe Double ClusterM34 RGB
Sh2 183 in H-Alpha / RGBIC1848 aka The Soul Nebula in HaRGBIC1805 aka The Heart Nebula in H-Alpha+RGBThe Double Cluster
aka H & Chi Persei in RGB
M34 in Perseus
M31 LRGB MosaicVeil Nebula RGB+NBThe Veil Nebula in NB+RGBThe Pleiades aka M45 in RGB
M31 - The Andromeda Galaxy
2-frame mosaic in LRGB
Two frame mosaic of The Veil Nebula in SII+Ha+OIII+RGBThe Veil Nebula - 4 Frame Mosaic: Narrowband + RGB
The Pleiades aka M45 in Taurus (RGB)
Sh2-171 and ngc7822M52 and The Bubble Nebula RGB + NBM52 and The Bubble in RGBM52 and The Bubble Nebula in NarrowbandM52, The Bubble Nebula, etc HaRGB
Sh2-171 and ngc7822 in CepheusBubble Nebula, M52 and friends in RGB+NBBubble Nebula, M52 and friends in straight RGBBubble Nebula, M52 and friends in Narrowband onlyBubble Nebula, M52 and friends in classic H-Alpha + RGB
M17 in HaRGB
Propeller Nebula in HaRGBPropeller Nebula in RGB+NarrowbandTrifid in RGBLagoon in RGB
Swan Nebula M17 in HaRGBPropeller Nebula in HaRGBPropeller in just H-AlphaM20 aka The Trifid in RGBLagoon in RGB
M51 LRGB AP155 Moravian G4M101 LRGB AP155 Moravian G4Iris Nebula LRGBIris Nebula LRGB CropM13 LRGB
M51 aka The Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes VenaticiM101 aka The Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa MajorIris Nebula Wide-Field
Iris Nebula Wide-Field Tighter CropM13 - The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules
IC405Leo Triplet LRGBM33 LRGB AP155 G4
M53 and ngc5053 RGBngc4665 RGB
IC405 aka The Flaming Star Nebula in HaRGBLeo Triplet in LRGBM33 in LRGB - Sprial Galaxy in TriangulumM53 and ngc5053 in RGBNGC4665 : OC in Ophiuchus
The following images were acquired starting in the Fall of 2016
M31_LRGBSh2-86 in HaRGBGamma Cass aka IC59 and IC63IC1396Sh2 171
The Andromeda Galaxy M31Sh2-86 in HaRGBGamma Cass aka IC59/63IC1396 in H-Alpha & RGBSh2 171 in HaRGB
M81_M82_w_IFNngc7331Sh2 124 HaRGBngc 7380 aka Sh2-142Butterfly Nebula
M81 and M82 with the Integrated Flux NebulaNGC7331 in LRGBSh2 124 in HaRGB
NGC7380 / Sh2 142
Butterfly Nebula HaRGB
M101 LRGBSh2 134 HaRGBM53 ngc5053
M101 in LRGBSh2 134 in HaRGBM53 and ngc5053 in RGB
Pelican & North American NebulaeThe Cave aka Sh2-155Orion and Running Man in H-Alpha
Pelican & North American Nebulae in H-AlphaThe Cave Nebula aka Sh2-155 aka Caldwell 9M42 aka The Great Orion Nebula + The Running ManSh2 134 in HaRGB

The images below were acquired up to December 2012
Sh2-154 Sh2-134 in H-Alpha Sh2-133 Sh2-157
Double Cluster
Sh2-154 Sh2-134 in H-Alpha Sh2-133 in HaRGB Sh2-157
H & Chi Persei - The Double Cluster
Sh2-145 and Sh2-150 in H-Alpha Sh2-119 Sh2-160 ngc3718 Markarian's Chain
Sh2-145 and Sh2-150 in HaRGB Sh2-119 in Cygnus Sh2-160 in H-Alpha / RGB NGC 3718 and 3729 Markarian's Chain of Galaxies
M13 LRGB M97 and M108 M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy Sharpless 137
M13 in Hercules LRGB M108 and M97 M51 - The Whirlpool Sharpless 137
Sh2-73 aka LBN 105-106
Sh2-132 Pacman in HaOIII Iris with Dust M101 LRGB AP155 U16M Sh2-126
Sharpless 132 in H-Alpha + GB Pacman Nebula in Ha + OIII Iris Nebula w Dust M101 LRGB Sharpless 126 in H-Alpha
M45 - The Pleiades Sh2-205 in H-Alpha Sh2-221 M33 RGB V2 M33 RGB
M45 - The Pleiades Sharpless 205 in H-Alpha Sharpless 221 in HaRGB M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy reprocessed
M52 and The Bubble Nebula M13_AP155_U16M M31 - The Andromeda Galaxy M44 aka The Beehive Cluster Sh2-91
M52 and The Bubble Nebula M13 in RGB on Canada Day 2011 M31 - The Adromeda Galaxy
M44 - The Beehive Cluster
Sharpless 91 in H-Alpha
Leo Triplet M81 M82 NGC3077 M81 M82 NGC3077 M51 LRGB AP155 U16M M106 LRGB
The Leo Triplet of Galaxies M81, M82 and NGC3077 M81, M82, NGC3077 & IFN M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy M106 and Friends
Rosette Nebula Moon at Perigee: March 20th 2011

Rosette Nebula in H-Alpha Moon at Perigee: March 20th 2011

M16 - The Eagle Horsehead and Flame Nebulae Pelican Nebula in H-Alpha
M16 - The Eagle Horsehead and Flame Nebulae Pelican Nebula in H-Alpha