The Cone and Foxfur Nebulae in HaRGB
Cone & Foxfur

Click here for the h-alpha only image

The Cone and Foxfur Nebulae
ST-10XME with FSQ
Astrodon 6nm H-Alpha and RGB filter set
8 x 15 minutes H-Alpha and 3 x 5 min RG and 8 x 5 min B all self guided on my AP900GTO
Flesherton, Ontario, Canada
Jan 18/19, 2007
Ambient temp -14C; camera temp -25C; No Moon
Images captured, aligned, darks and flats CCDSoft5
Aligned, debloomed and sigma-reject combined in Maxim
Levels, HighPassFilter on the H-Alpha layer and colour combines in Photoshop CS2
H-Alpha combined per Steve Cannistra as follows:
Layered on top of red channel at 80%, green channel at 7% and blue channel at 15% all using Lighten
then combined the new enhanced RGB.