The Eastern Veil Nebula in H-Alpha + OIII

The Eastern Veil Nebula

The Eastern Veil Nebula in Cygnus aka NGC6992

The eastern and brighter part of Veil Nebula got its own NGC number: NGC 6992. It is a challenge for binoculars. You need best conditions to observe it.
Using a wide-angle telescope at low power will show NGC 6992.Despite its overall brightness of about mag 5, this object is only visible to the naked eye
under exceptionally good viewing conditions, because its light is distributed over the object's large size.

Scope: Planewave 12.5" CDK
Camera: Apogee U16M w Astrodon GenII H-Alpha filter
Mount: Paramount ME guided w Astrodon MMOAG and SBIG ST-402ME
9 x 20 min in H-Alpha
12 x 20 min in OIII

Acquired with TheSkyX and CCD-Commander
Reduction in Maxim
Alignment in RegiStar
Processing in PS CC including the creation of a synthetic Green channel using Noel Carboni's action

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Lucknow, Ontario
July 2015