IC63 and 59 - Nebulae around Gamma Cassiopeia


IC63 and 59 - collectively known as Gamma Cas Nebula

Camera: Moravian G4 camera w Astrodon Gen II filters
Scope: AP155EDF w 4" FF
Mount: Paramount MX
Guiding: SBIG ST-402ME / Borg 60mm achromat
Exposures: RGB: 7/8/8x10min; H-Alpha: 56x20min
Image acquisition using CCD-Commander, TheSkyX

Processed in PixInsight and Photoshop

PixInsight Processing:
RGB: SPCC, ABE, BlurX, NoiseX, Curves, HT and Saturation Boost. SCNR
H-Alpha: ABE, BlurX, NoiseX, StarX, Curves, HT, 2x LHE, DarkStructureEnhance

Photoshop: RGB split into component channels, Starless H-Alpha layered over the Red at 100% and Blue at 20% using Lighten blend mode. Recombined. Gradient removal using Camera Raw. Rotated and cropped to 8.5x11

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October 2023 Lucknow Ontario