IC1396 - The Elephant Trunk Nebula in HaGB + Luminance

IC1396 L+HaGB

Here is the HaGB before the luminance was added:

IC1396 HaRGB

Here is the H-alpha channel alone:


Found in the constellation Cepheus

The Elephant Trunk Nebula - IC1396 (open cluster with associated nebulosity) and vdB142 (the elephant trunk that gives this object its name)

Camera: Moravian G4 w  Astrodon GenII filters
Scope: AP155EDF Refractor w Focus Boss II
16 x 20 min H-Alpha
11 / 8 x10 min GB, 14 x 10 min Luminance
Mount: Paramount MX guided w ST-402 / Astrodon MMOAG
Image acquisition via CCD-Commander and TSX
Processed in PixInsight and Photoshop

Lucknow, Ontario
June 2022