IC2574 - Dwarf Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major


From Wikipedia:
IC 2574, also known as Coddington's Nebula, is a dwarf spiral galaxy discovered by American astronomer Edwin Foster Coddington in 1898. Located in Ursa Major, a constellation in the northern sky, it is an outlying member of the M81 Group. It is believed that 90% of its mass is in the form of dark matter.


Camera: Apogee U16M w Gen II Astrodon filters
Scope: Planewave 12.5" CDK
Mount: Paramount ME
Luminance: 21 x 10 min
RGB: 8/13/7 x 10min each
Acquired with TSX and CCD-Commander
All processing in PixInsight but Luminance layered into RGB via Photoshop CC2020

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Lucknow, Ontario
April 2020