IC4665 aka "The Summer Beehive" in Ophiuchus - RGB


IC4665 - The "Summer Beehive" Open Cluster in Ophiuchus


Discovered by De Chéseaux 1745-1746.

IC 4665 is one of the brighter Milky Way clusters missing not only in the Messier Catalog, but also in the NGC, because it is so loose and coarse. Nevertheless, this cluster in Ophiuchus is a good object for binoculars or wide-field telescopes.

Imaging Details:
Moravian G4 camera w Astrodon Gen II filters
Astro-Physics AP155EDF Refractor w Robofocus
7/6/7 x 10 min for each of RGB
Paramount MX guided w ST-402 and Borg 60mm achromat
Image acquisition via CCD-Commander and TSX

Bulk of processing in PixInsight with a minor tweak done in PS CC 2019
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Captured May, 2019
Lucknow, Ontario