LBN 437 - The Gecko - Bright Nebula in Lacerta - LRGB
LBN 437 in LRGB

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From Astronomy Magazine: LBN 437 and a (small) portion of SH2-126. Its most prominent feature is a symmetrical reflection nebula associated with the Herbig Ae/Be star V375 Lacertae. This star is also host to a bipolar jet and professional observations have detected multiple small Herbig Haro objects. LBN 437 is estimated to be about 1200 light years away but there have been multiple distance estimations based on many different methods. 

Image Data:

Scope: AP155EDF
Camera: Apogee Moravian G4 (16803 ccd) w Astrodon Gen II Filters
Mount: Paramount MX
14/15/12 x 10 min each of RGB
32 x 10min Luminance
Lucknow, Ontario, Canada
Sept  2023
Images acquired using CCD-Commander and TheSkyX
Reduction and all pre-processing in PixInsight.
RGB processed in PixInsight using SPCC, BlurX, NoiseX then HistogramTransformation, Curves and a masked Saturation boost.
Luminance processed  in PixInsight using BlurX, NoiseX, then StarX followed by HistogramTransformation, Curves and LocalHistogramTransformation (for contrast) then the stars were restored.
Additional tweaks in Photoshop.