NGC6712 - Globular Cluster in Scutum


Mag 8.1, 9.8 arcminutes across

PLN 25-4.2
Mag 15, 1.4 arcminutes across

Note at right end near bottom, Planetary Nebula PLN 25-4.1 !!!
This from SEDS.ORG re NGC6712:

Probably discovered by Le Gentil on July 9, 1749.
Discovered by William Herschel on June 16, 1784.

This globular was first cataloged by William Herschel as H I.47, as he first classified it as a bright round nebula. John Herschel numbered it h 3762 in his "Cape" catalog on the ground of his observations in the 1830s, and included it in his General Catalogue of 1864 as GC 4441.

At its distance of 22,500 light-years, NGC 6712's apparent diameter of 7.4 minutes of arc corresponds to a linear extension of about 50 light-years, and its visual brightness of 8.1 mag to an absolute magnitude of -7.50, or an intrinsic luminosity of about 90,000 times that of our Sun. Its overall spectral type has been determined as F9. It is approaching us at 107.5 km/s.


Camera: StarlightXpress Trius SX814 w Astrodon Gen II RGB
Scope: Astro-Physics AP155EDF w 0.75x TCC reducer/flattener
Mount: Paramount MX guided with an SBIG ST-402ME and Borg 60mm piggybacked
RGB 12/12/12 x 5 min
Acquired with TSX and CCD-Commander
All images reduced aligned and combined in PixInsight
Colour combines and bulk of processing in PixInsight. Cropping and save-to-web in PS CC 2018

Lucknow, Ontario
Aug 1/2 2018