The Crescent Nebula (NGC6888) and The Tulip Nebula (Sh2-101)

Crescent Nebula

The Crescent and Tulip Nebulae in Cygnus
Apogee U16M w Astrondon Gen II 5nm H-Alpha filter
Takahashi FSQ F/5 Fluorite Refractor w Robofocus
Guided w ST-402 and eFinder
Mounted on a Paramount ME
Acquired and Guided via CCDSoft5
12 x 10 min
Calibration, Alignment and Sigma Reject combine in Maxim
Levels, curves and minor sharpening in PS CS4

Click on the image to see it 2x larger.

Here is my best close-up of The Crescent Nebula:

and a wider field shot of it with the same scope but different camera:

What is REALLY exciting is that this is my first time imaging the region that includes Cygnus X-1, the first confirmed Black Hole! It is straight down from the left edge of the Tulip (which is the nebula at the left edge near the bottom). It is shown with a mouse over in my friend John Mirtle's excellent shot shown here:

Flesherton, Ontario
July 30/31, 2010