NGC7380 - Open Cluster with Nebula SH2-142 in Cepheus


NGC7380 - Open Cluster with Nebula (SH2-142) in Cepheus. Magnitude 7.2

Caroline Herschel discovered this cluster in 1787 when her brother William was absent.
William included his sister's discovery in his catalog, and labelled it H VIII.77.
Open cluster NGC 7380 is intertwined with a bright diffuse nebula which bears the catalog designation Sh2-142.
[ source: SEDS.ORG ]

Technical details:
Takahashi FSQ, ST-10XME and CFW8a w Astrodon Ha RGB
6 x 10 min H-Alpha and 3 x 5 min per channel RGB
Guiding, image acquisition, Darks and Flats, alignment in CCDSoft5
Sigma-reject combined in Maxim
Colour combines done in PS-CS2 per Chris Schur's instructions for blending the H-Alpha with the Red channel at 50% (lighten mode) and with the Blue channel at 10% (again, with Lighten mode)
Flesherton, Ontario, Canada
Sept 15/16, 2006
Ambient temp 14 celcius, CCD temp -20C

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