NGC7789 - aka Caroline's Rose Custer - Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

ngc7789 RGB Planewave U16M

Sh2-151 : Emission Nebula in Cassiopeia

From Wikipedia: NGC 7789 (also known as Caroline's Rose or the White Rose Cluster) is an open cluster in Cassiopeia that was discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783. Her brother William Herschel included it in his catalog as H VI.30. This cluster is also known as the "White Rose" Cluster or "Caroline's Rose" Cluster because when seen visually, the loops of stars and dark lanes look like the swirling pattern of rose petals as seen from above.
Scope: Planewave 12.5" CDK
Camera: Apogee U16M w Astrodon GenII LRGB
Mount: Paramount ME (MKS 5000 upgrade)
R/G/B 14 / 13 / 14 x 10 min each
Images acquired w TheSkyX Professional and CCD-Commander
Processing in PixInsight:
- WBPP script
- RGB combine followed by SPCC, BlurX, HT and Curves, NoiseX
Processing in Photoshop:
- cleanup

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Lucknow, Ontario, Canada
September 2023