IC5070 - The Pelican Nebula in Narrowband and RGB

The Pelican Nebula

The Pelican Nebula in Cygnus  
Camera: Moravian G4 (16803 ccd chip) with Gen II Astrodon RGB, SII, H-Alpha and OIII filters
AP155 EDF F/7 w Focus Boss II
Mount: Paramount MX
RGB: 16x10min each channel
SII: 40x20min
H-Alpha: 21 x 20 min
OIII: 18x20min
Acquired with TSX using CCD-Commander
Processing in PixInsight and Photoshop CC where the NB stars were replaced by an overlaid RGB image with correct star colours (see bottom image)

Click on the image to see a larger version that will resize in the browser.

Below is the pure Narrowband image in SHO palette, before the stars were corrected:

The Pelican Nebula

Below is the pure RGB image, which to be fair, may be more to most peoples' tastes:

The Pelican Nebula

Lucknow, Ontario
October 2022