Sh2-110 - Nebula in H-Alpha + RGB Combined


Sh2-110 - not very strong in H-Alpha but 44x20min brings it home!

Camera: Moravian G4 w Astrodon Gen II LRGB filters
Scope: Astro-Physics AP155EDF w 4" FF
Mount: SB Paramount MX
Guiding: SBIG ST402ME on Borg 60 guidescope
10/8/8 x 10min each for RGB
44 x 20 min H-Alpha
Lucknow, Ontario, Canada
Aug 2023
Images captured with TheSkyX
Session orchestrated by CCD-Commander
Calibration and processing of the RGB and Narrowband in PixInsight
RGB combine with the starless H-Alpha data done in Photoshop CC

Click on the image to see it enlarged.