Sh2 112 (Sharpless 112) Nebula in Cygnus : SII / H-Alpha / OIII with RGB overlaid for star colours

Sh2 112 SI-Ha-OIII+RGB

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Here is the Pure RGB:

Sh2 112 RGB

[from Wikipedia:

Sh2 -112 is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus. It is located in the northern part of the constellation, about 1.5 to WNW of the bright star Deneb. It is a circular H II region of apparent dimensions of about 15 ', crossed by a dark band on its western side oriented north-south. The star responsible for its excitation is believed to be BD + 45 3216, a double blue star of spectral class O8V and an apparent magnitude of 9.18. Estimates on the distance of this star provide a value of 1740  parsecs (about 5670 light years ), which would place Sh2-112 in a particularly rich region of the Orion Arm and physically very close to the great nebulous system of Cygnus X. The nebula is located in a star- forming region which also includes some sources of radio waves and the molecular cloud [DBY94] 29, which has a mass of 1880  M ⊙ ; however in a 1994 study a distance of 2100 parsecs is reported for this last cloud.

Camera: Moravian G4 (16803) w Astrodon Gen II filters
Scope: AP155 EDF
RGB 9/9/9 x 10 minutes
SII / H-Alpha / OIII  16 / 12  / 18 x 20 min
Paramount MX guided with an ST402ME and Borg 60mm guidescope
TSX and CCD-Commander

All calibration and initial processing through to the RGB and separate NB frames in PixInsight
Subsequent assembly of final image in Photoshop CC

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Captured May 2022
Lucknow, Ontario