Sh2-115 in H-Alpha + RGB

Sh2-115 HaRGB

Sh2-115 aka Sharpless 115 is in Cygnus

NOTE: The 16x20min H-Alpha is also nice. It is here: Sh2-115_in_H-Alpha

Scope: AP155EDF w 4" Field Flattener and Focus Boss II motorized focuser
Camera: Moravian G4 (16803) w Astrodon GenII filters
Mount: Paramount MX guided w piggybacked Borg 60mm guidescope and SBIG ST-402ME
RGB each 16/10/13x10min, H-Alpha 26x20min
Acquired with TheSkyX and CCD-Commander
Calibration, alignment and stacking in PixInsight. RGB combine in PixInsight. HaRGB assembed in Photoshop CC 2021

Lucknow, Ontario
May/June 2021