Sh2-136 aka The Ghost in Cepheus - LRGB
Sh2-136 aka The Ghost in LRGB

The Pure RGB before the Luminance was added:


From Wikipedia: "The Ghost Nebula (designated Sh2-136, VdB 141) is a reflection nebula located in the constellation Cepheus. It lies near the cluster NGC 7023.
Looking at the adjacent image, the nebula's name is easily understood. The Ghost Nebula is referred to as a globule (catalogued CB230) and over 2 light-years across.
There are several stars embedded, whose reflected light make the nebula appear a yellowish-brown colour."

Image Data:

Scope: AP155EDF
Camera:  Moravian G4 (16803 ccd) w Astrodon Gen II Filters
Mount: Paramount MX
10/9/11 x 10 min each of RGB
17 x 10min Luminance
Lucknow, Ontario, Canada
Oct  2023
Images acquired using CCD-Commander and TheSkyX
Reduction and all pre-processing in PixInsight.
RGB processed in PixInsight using SPCC, BlurX, NoiseX then HistogramTransformation, Curves and a masked Saturation boost.
Luminance processed  in PixInsight using BlurX, NoiseX, then StarX followed by HistogramTransformation, Curves then the stars were restored.
LRGBCombine in PI
Additional tweaks in Photoshop.