Sharpless 203 aka Sh2-203 in Perseus - HaRGB

Sh2-203 HaRGB

Sharpless 203 is the large faint red nebula in the centre.
The bright nebula upper right is LBN 686, a very bright but small (5x3') emission nebula.
The faint blue nebula bottom left is .... DON'T KNOW! If YOU know, tell me!

6/7/8 x 10 min each of RGB, 42x20min H-Alpha
Camera: Moravian G4 (16803) w Gen II Astrodon RGB and H-Alpha
Scope: Astrophysics AP155EDF Refractor w Focus Boss II
Mount: Paramount MX
Guiding SBIG ST402ME attached to a Borg 60mm guidescope
RGB and H-Alpha processing in PixInsight; Blend of H-Alpha w RGB and clean-up of column defect and save-for-web in PS CC

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H-Alpha channel - 14 HOURS stretched hard!

Sh2-203 H-Alpha

Lucknow, Ontario
October 2022