Sharpless 205 aka Sh2-205 Emission Nebula in Camelopardalis - HaRGB

Sh2-205 in HaRGB

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Sharpless 205 aka Sh2-205 is a reasonably bright emission nebula in Camelopardalis very close to the boundary with Perseus.

Scope: AP155EDF w 4" Field Flattener and Focus Boss II motorized focuser
Camera: Moravian G4 w Astrodon Gen II filters
Mount: Paramount MX guided w an SBIG ST-402ME and Borg 60mm guidescope
15 x 20 min of H-Alpha
12/12/12 x 10 min each of RGB
Acquired with CCD-Commander and TheSkyX

Reduction and all pre-processing in PixInsight.
RGB processed in PixInsight using SPCC, BlurX, NoiseX then HistogramTransformation, Curves and a masked Saturation boost.
H-Alpha processed  in PixInsight using BlurX, NoiseX, then StarX followed by HistogramTransformation, Curves and LocalHistogramTransformation (for contrast).
Starless H-Alpha was added to the Red and Blue channels in Photoshop using Lighten blend mode and 70% and 10% respectively
Additional tweaks in Photoshop.

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Lucknow, Ontario
Feb 2024