Sh2-73 LRGB

Sharpless 73 Sh2-73

Sharpless 73 
According to a post by Harel Boren on CN: This region was originally regarded mistakenly as an HII region, and accordingly included in the Sharpless catalogue of emission nebulae as SH2-73, probably due to the fact the brightest sections of the nebula show in the Palomar-Schmidt red plates. However, there's no HII region there… It is also known in other names, including LBN 105-106. 

The nebula is illuminated by the integral radiation field originating from the galaxy plane. These very faint reflection nebulae lie at a relatively high galactic latitude (about 45°) and are categorized as integral flux nebulae to indicate the particular source of illumination.

Here is a link to Harel's excellent shot:
Camera: Apogee U16M w Astrodon Gen II LRGB filters
Scope: AP155 EDF F/7 w Robofocus
Mount: Paramount ME
16 x 10 min Luminance; 8 x 10 min each RGB
Acquired with CCDSoft5 using CCD-Commander automation 
Dark and Flat Calibration plus Alignment and Sigma Reject combine in Maxim DL
Levels, Curves and Contrast adjustment in Photoshop CS5

Flesherton, Ontario
May 12 2012