SH2-171 in HaRGB


SH2-171 is a Sharpless object. 

Click HERE to see a full res crop of the main nebula - NO SHARPENING DONE AT ALL

From TheSky6:
Object name: Sharpless:    SH2-171
Equatorial: RA: 00h 05m 09s   Dec: +67°12'10"(current)
Size ArcMin: 180


STL11000 with Tak FSQ and AP900GTO
Astronomik HaRGB filter set
6 x 20 minutes in H-Alpha
5 x 5 minutes each of RGB
Flesherton, Ontario, Canada
August 4, 2008
Ambient temp +15C; camera temp -20C; New Moon
Images acquired and darks & flats applied in CCDSoft v5.0
Images aligned and combines in Maxim
Colour channels assembled in PS CS2.
H-Alpha channel was layered into the Red channel at 100% and then into the Blue channel at 20% and Green at 7%
Levels, curves, and background noise reduction in PS CS2 NO SHARPENING