Sh2-79 in Aquila - RGB (and HaRGB below this image)

Sh2 79

Maybe the most boring photo of all time? Sh2 79 isn't much to look at beyond being a very reddened star field. I'm suspicious that I was aimed wrong! LOL!

Here is the above image with H-Alpha added but it is rotated 45 degrees and thus cropped:

Sh2 79 HaRGB

Scope: 12.5" Planewave CDK
Camera: Apogee U16M w Astrodon Gen II filters
Mount: Paramount ME guided w an SBIG ST-402ME and Astrodon MMOAG
10 x 20 min of H-Alpha; 15/13/15 x 10 min each of RGB
Acquired with CCD-Commander and TheSkyX
Calibration and colour combine in PixInsight
Further processing including the blending of the H-Alpha into the RGB  in PS CC

Click on either image to see it 2x this resolution and to resize it in the browser.

Lucknow, Ontario
August 2021