NGC4236 in LRGB


NGC4236 is a member of the M81 group and as such is about 11+ million lightyears away.
Exposure details:
Luminance 40 x 10 min
Red 15 x 10 min 
Green 9 x 10 min 
Blue 9 x 10 min
Just over 12 hours of imaging time.

Scope: AP155 EDF w 0.75x reducer / flattener (155TCC)
Mount: Paramount ME (MKS 5000 upgrade)
Camera: StarlightXpress Trius SX814 w Astrodon Gen II HaLRGB filters
Guider: ST402ME / Borg 60mm achromat

Processing in PixInsight

Lucknow, Ontario Mar 2018