vdb 152 / Cederblad 201 - Dark Nebula in Cepheus

vdb 152

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Found in the centre of the constellation Cepheus
RA: 22h 13m
Dec: 70d 45'

STL11000 w Astronomic filters
AP155EDF Triplet Refractor w 4" Field Flattener and Robofocus
34 x 5 min Luminance
9 x 10 min Red
7 x 10 min Green
6 x 10 min Blue
Self-guided on an AP900GTO mount
Acquired in CCDSoft5
Dark and Flat calibration, Alignment and Sigma Reject combine in Maxim
Curves, Contrast Adjustment, Levels in PS CS4

Flesherton, Ontario
Sept 18 2009