Comet Hale/Bopp over the Wilson Coulee Observatory.
Comet Hale/Bopp over the Wilson Coulee Observatory
  • Description: Comet Hale/Bopp, May 1997. One of the last photos I took of this comet but I did not record the photo details! Probably suffering from Hale/Bopp burnout at this time. Sometime in May when the moon was too bright to try shooting the comet any other way. The moon lit up the clouds nicely in this shot, Perseus, Taurus and Auriga are in the background.
  • Film: Kodak Gold 400
  • Camera: Olympus OM1 with 28mm f2.8 lens
  • Filter: none
  • Exposure: 90 seconds
  • Location: Wilson Coulee Observatory, Ab. Canada
  • Date: May 1997

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