IC1805/NGC896 - Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia
  • Description: First light with the new camera, the ZWO ASI533MC Pro. This is the Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia, also known as NGC896 and IC1805. This shot was from inside Calgary. Skies are terrible here, probably Bortle 9 or so. I also used the Antlia ALP-T 5nm light pollution filter to collect only red hydrogen-alpha and green oxygen-3 from the nebula. It was mostly successful but it was noisy, 4 hours isn't long enough!

  • Camera: ZWO ASI533MC Pro at -15C
  • Scope: RedCat 51XL, 250mm f4.9
  • Guiding: SBIG ST-i camera via ZWO off axis guider
  • Filter: Antlia ALP-T 5nm Ha/OIII
  • Exposure: 24 x 10 minutes, 4 hours total
  • Location: S.W. Calgary, Alberta
  • Date: 22 September, 2023
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